What is the Network and Corridor Information Portal?

The Network and Corridor Information Portal (NCI) aims to further facilitate easy access to information published in Network Statements and Corridor Information Documents (CIDs). It was created jointly by Infrastructure Managers (IMs), Allocation Bodies (Abs) and Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) under the RNE umbrella.

The NCI is an easy-to-use tool enabling you to

  • quickly search in the contents of the various Network Statements and CIDs, facilitated by the RNE Network Statement and CID common structures,
  • combine contents from various Network Statements and CIDs into one single PDF file,
  • create and download contents of special interest to you in a single PDF file,

thus, compare the contents of the documents of interest to you more efficiently and more quickly than browsing in them one by one on many various websites.

Always, the documents applicable to the current and the next timetable year are stored and they are kept regularly up-to-date by the IMs/ABs and the RFCs in order to provide the latest published versions.